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Transferring services to a new provider (Porting)

If you are transferring phone numbers to a new provider you will need to contact your new provider to make that request. Please note, Integra does require a 60 day written notice for cancellation of services, so please let us know in advance if you will be transferring or cancelling your services.

Important information for transferring

  • Please contact Integra Customer Care to ensure all your freezes are removed from your lines
  • If your account is password protected make sure you supply your new provider the correct password
  • All changes to your transfer date can only be made with your new provider
  • Services must remain active with Integra up until the day of transfer
  • There is a $25 service order charge associated with the transfer
  • All customer information must match Integra’s records. Integra can supply you with a customer service report to confirm all customer information. These can only be request and given to an authorized party on the account

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