Robocall Mitigation Service

On Monday, March 2, 2020, Allstream launched a robocall mitigation service in the United States to enhance your calling experience with Allstream voice services. The robocall mitigation service is designed to detect and warn Allstream customers of suspected robocall and spam activity using the caller ID name feature on their telephones. This feature is of no cost to you and it will not impact your Allstream services. However, you may have noticed changes in the way caller ID names are displayed on your phones. 

The robocall mitigation service:

  • Identifies suspect calls and alerts customers to possible fraud
  • Continues to display the normal caller ID name on regular calls that are not suspected to be robocall, spam, or fraudulent

How Allstream’s robocall mitigation service works

The robocall mitigation service maintains a fraud score for each identified fraud / spam phone number. Phone numbers identified as having a high probability of conducting fraudulent activity, the caller ID name, which is the name and phone number of the person or business placing a phone call, begin with an appropriate alert and displayed on phones.

You can expect to see new caller ID name information on your phone based on the probability of fraud / spam determined by Allstream’s robocall mitigation service as illustrated below: 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why am I seeing ROBO?, SPAM?, or FRAUDULENT CALL on my caller ID?
    If you are seeing the ROBO?, SPAM?, or FRAUDULENT CALL notifications on your caller ID name, it means that the incoming caller’s phone number has been flagged as suspected fraud. The data displayed on your caller ID name is based on the probability of fraud score assigned to the incoming phone number.
  2. What does this service cost?
    As an Allstream customer, there is no cost to you associated with the robocall mitigation service.
  3. How does this impact my services?
    There is nothing you need to do to use the robocall mitigation service as it is being provided automatically to all our US-based customers. The only changes you will see are to the names displayed on your caller ID name in cases where the service has deemed the incoming caller’s number as suspect.
  4. What do I do if a caller’s number displays ROBO?, SPAM?, or FRAUDULENT CALL, but I know the number is legitimate?
    Let the caller know that the number they are calling from is showing up as suspect and have them contact their service provider.
  5. My telephone number is displaying as suspect on other caller IDs when I make outgoing calls. How do I change it?
    If you find that your number is being incorrectly flagged as suspect, report the problem by logging in to your Allstream account at and submitting a trouble ticket or by contacting our US Repair team at 800-360-4467.

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