Moving your service

Please notify Allstream as soon as possible if you are moving your services to a new location. Allstream needs a minimum of 30 business days to ensure your move is complete by your move in date.

When calling Allstream about a move, please provide the following information:

  • the new address
  • the date of your requested move
  • your phone vendor information
  • your data vendor information
  • your business’ access hours
  • the location of the demark at your new location
Important information regarding moves

Allstream does not move equipment that is not Allstream owned. Make sure that your new location is properly wired for your Allstream services (please see inside wiring addendum for more info)

If you are not sure where the demark is located or if you need to hire an inside wiring vendor for your move, please contact Allstream to request a site survey (standard dispatch rates apply).

Move fees may vary depending on the products you are moving. Please call your account manager or Customer Service for a quote.

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