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How do I protect my business from toll fraud?

It is your responsibility to protect your business from toll fraud:

  • Contact your PBX/phone system vendor to ensure you have reduced your risk of toll fraud.
  • Frequently change passwords and authorization codes used for remote access, voice messaging, administrative, and other purposes.
  • Use common toll fraud protection features with your long distance calling such as secure account codes, authorization codes, and call blocking options. Ask your Allstream Customer Care representative for details.
  • Most toll fraud occurs during vacation and year-end holiday seasons. Be sure to take these preventative steps during this time of the year.
  • Thoroughly review your telephone bill regularly. In some cases, toll fraud can go on for months before someone notices unauthorized charges on a bill.

To learn more about protecting your business from toll fraud, visit the FCC web site.

Allstream’s Toll Fraud Policy ยป


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