Toll Fraud Policy

Toll fraud occurs when unauthorized persons gain access to a telephone and/or voicemail system and generate long distance calls. These calls can be to domestic locations, but are typically international. Since the customer has control over the mechanism by which toll fraud occurs, it is important to understand your phone system and what you can do to help prevent toll fraud from occurring. More information is available at

IT IS THE EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CUSTOMER TO PREVENT THE OCCURRENCE OF TOLL FRAUD, and the customer is responsible for payment of any charges incurred due to fraud, abuse or misuse of the services, whether known or unknown, to the customer.

Allstream conducts network monitoring on a 7×24 basis for its own internal efficiency and productivity needs. If during the course of that monitoring suspect traffic patterns are detected that may indicate Toll Fraud, Allstream will take commercially reasonable steps to mitigate the impact.

Immediately notify Allstream of suspected Toll Fraud by contacting our Customer Care Center at or 1-866-468-3472. Allstream has adopted a standard practice to block outbound calling to countries associated with high incidences of toll fraud. That list of countries, and more information about international calling options, is available at

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