Customer Delay of Service Installation

If Customer delays the Installation of Services, Allstream Business Inc. and/or Allstream Business US, LLC. through its subsidiaries (“Allstream”)  may charge certain fees and facility reservation charges as described below.

Due Date Change per Order Non-Recurring Charge: $150.00

A non-recurring Due Date Change charge of $150.00 will apply per order to all Customer requests to delay the Installation of Services.

Facility Reservation Charge: Monthly Recurring Rate for the Finished Circuit/Service

The Facility Reservation Charge applies in situations in which Allstream can accommodate the Customer’s original scheduled Installation of Service date but the Customer delays Installation of Service. A monthly Facility Reservation Charge in the amount of the monthly recurring rate for the finished circuit/service applies, if one or both of the following circumstances exist (except as provided in the Note below):

  1. Customer provides less than 6 days’ notice of the delay in the original scheduled Installation of Services date.
  2. Customer delays the original scheduled Installation of Service by more than 10 days.

Note: A Facility Reservation Charge does not apply when the Customer provides 6 or more days of notice for a one- time delay of 10 days or less in the original scheduled Installation of Services date.

If the delay in installation is less than one month, the Facility Reservation Charge will be pro-rated to reflect the actual days delayed (in some cases, depending on the billing cycle, via a subsequent adjustment).

The table below summarizes the circumstances when the Due Date Change per Order Charge and Facility Reservation Charge apply.

Notification (days) Change in Original Installation Date (days) Due Date Change Charge Service Facility Reservation Charge
0 to 5 ≤ 10  Yes Yes
 0 to 5  ≥ 10  Yes Yes
 ≥6 ≤ 10  Yes No
≥6 ≥ 10 Yes Yes

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