Why did I receive an email from Quotaguard?

Why did I receive this message?

Most of the QUOTAGUARD messages are generated because a large email(s) was delivered to your email box. Check to see if an email(s) with a large file attachment(s) (picture, mp3, spreedsheet, etc.) was recently sent to you. Messages that have a paper clip image will indicate that the message has a file(s) attached.

What do I need to do?

If the message was generated because of an email(s) with an attachment(s), most likely the issue was taken care of by checking your email. In other words, the problem is already solved. Most all email programs will check for messages on the mail server, download them to your computer, then delete those messages off of the server. This reclaims all of the space available. You can check to see whether or not there are messages on the server by logging onto our web mail tool, available at: https://webmail.integra.net/src/login.php. No old messages on the server verifies that your email program is indeed deleting messages after download and the problem is solved.

I don’t see any attachments and have lots of mail on the server. Why is this?

All email programs have the ability to leave copies of messages on the mail server. Mac OS 10’s “Mail” program, for example, does this by default. Modifying the program to delete messages after a few days, or all together, will ensure that you are not at risk of losing any email messages. If you need assistance with this configuration, give ISP support a call at the number listed below. We can also identify at that time whether or not this setting is causing the build up of mail on the server.

I didn’t know I had a quota? Can I get this increased?

All email boxes have size limits. If they didn’t there would be no way to ensure that we were supplying adequate disk space on the servers. Mailboxes start at 50 MB in size, but can be upgraded to 1 GB and larger for an additional monthly charge.

How many “regular” sized email messages can fit in my email box?

It is impossible to put an actual number on this, but it is common place for 1000+ messages to fit in a 50 megabyte email box.

The attachment I received is less then 18MB, but I received a message saying that my box was over 90% full. How can this be?

File attachments carry a significant overhead when sent through email and will not be on a one-to-one relationship. In other words, a 6MB file will not generate a 6MB email. The email size increases by about 30% because it is encoded in 7-bit.

How can I set up an autoreply for my email?

If you know the password for your email domain, you can log in and set it up. If you do not know the password for your email domain, please the ISP Support team a call at [text-blocks id=”365″ slug=”isp-support-number” plain=”1″] and we can help you set this up.

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