Security Overview

Abuse is any action that violates Allstream’s Acceptable Use Policy. Abuse falls into three main categories:

  • Unwanted Electronic Mail (spam, virus/spam or spamvertizing)
  • Network Abuse (general viruses, hacking, port scanning)
  • Other Abuses (copyright infringement, harassment, other illegal or unlawful activity)
Abuse Mitigation Process

Allstream has an abuse mitigation process that is designed to track and resolve abuse issues. Throughout the process, Allstream’s abuse mitigation specialists work with customers to resolve abuse complaints. When practical, Allstream typically gives customers five business days to correct abuse issues. In some circumstances, such as claims of copyright infringement relating to customer created or communicated content or other complaints requiring prompt resolution, Allstream may require that the claim be resolved within 24 hours. In most cases, customers are able to resolve abuse issues with Allstream’s assistance. Failure to resolve abuse issues, or multiple claims made against a customer arising from related conduct, may result in service interruption and an administration fee assessment.

Have you been notified by Allstream of a copyright complaint against your account? Take a look at our Copyright Complaint Overview of how the copyright complaint process works. The guide also covers what you can do to help avoid them in the future.

General Information

Allstream is committed to providing high-quality Internet products and services for its customers and to being a responsible member of the Internet Community. Therefore, Allstream holds both itself and its customers to a higher standard of accountability as set forth in this Acceptable Use Policy. Allstream’s Acceptable Use Policy specifies the actions prohibited by Allstream to users of the Allstream Network. Allstream reserves the right to modify this Policy at any time. If Allstream receives abuse complaints, we will work diligently to resolve these complaints with our customers. However, if a customer does not abide by Allstream’s Acceptable Use Policy or otherwise fails to cooperate adequately in the resolution of any complaint, Allstream may assess the customer a fee of $100 per abuse complaint and may immediately restrict or terminate the customer’s services, at Allstream’s sole discretion, in addition to any other remedy that may be available to Allstream.

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