Obtaining / Using Additional IP Addresses

IP allocation rules

If you are requesting a /25 (128 addresses) and smaller:

Allstream will allocate IP addresses on an as needed basis up to a /25 and smaller (128 addresses). Please follow the steps indicated under “How to order IP addresses”.

If you are requesting a /24 (256 addresses) up to a /22 (1024 addresses):

For an allocation where the aggregate total number of IP addresses being requested from Allstream (including previously assigned IP addresses) is equal to /24 (256 addresses) but not larger than a /22 (1024) addresses please follow these steps:

  1. Contact ARIN and ask for your own IP allocation. IP addresses allocated by ARIN become registered to you, so they are portable between carriers. This is not the case with IP addresses allocated from Allstream.
    • https://www.arin.net/
    • If ARIN denies your request then follow the steps below under “How to order IP addresses”. Allstream may allocate IP’s from our space
    • Include as documentation, your letter from ARIN denying your request. Additional network diagrams, upgrade plans, IP usage statistics and forecasts will also be required for Allstream to allocate blocks of this size.

Larger than /22 Allstream will not allocate IP addresses blocks of this size from our IP space. Please contact ARIN directly https://www.arin.net/

How to order IP addresses:
  1. Contact your account representative or Customer Service.
  2. Submit order.
  3. If space requested is greater than /28, fill out an IP Justification Form and include the order number from item 2.

If these FAQs do not answer your questions, please contact your sales agent or Customer Service.

Can I have my IP space statically routed?

Allstream supports static routes of your IP space. Please indicate to your project manager or install technician that you are bringing your own IP space and would like Allstream to route it for you.

Can I advertise my IP space via BGP?

Details of BGP peering and the request form

Where can I find Allstream’s IP policy?

Allstream IP Allocation and Usage Policy

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