IP Address Justification

We register with the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) to obtain IP addresses. ARIN is the organization that assigns and allocates IP addresses to end users and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) located in North America, sub-equatorial Africa, and parts of the Caribbean. ARIN requires all end users and ISPs to document their use of IP addresses.

To adequately provide this information to ARIN, we require all customers to complete the IP justification form for the use of 12 or more customer usable IP addresses. We abide by ARIN’s policies to promote conservation and efficient use of IP address space.


Customers must contact Customer Service to obtain an order number prior to completing the IP Address Justification Form. You will be prompted to enter your order number when completing the form.

IP Address Justification Form

Allstream IP Allocation and Usage Policy

How to obtain additional IP Addresses

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