Conferencing Service Features


  • Allstream Conferencing Services is reservationless. This means you can enjoy the benefits of conferencing services without the hassles of advance scheduling. Just connect and communicate – it’s that simple!
  • Meet Me Toll-Free extends convenient, free access to conference participants via an Allstream Toll-Free number.
  • “Event” conferences allow the host to delegate all administration tasks to Allstream’s conference administrator.
  • Web Meeting brings Internet convenience and control to your conferencing services calls. (Service is not available in Quebec).
  • View information on all participants.
  • Passcode security to confirm participant identity.

Enhanced Services

  • Global 800 Service – Europe? North America? Asia Pacific? Latin America? Global 800 conferencing enables you to provide toll-free access to international participants in more than 47 countries worldwide. Competitive rates make it cost-effective for you to offer this value-added service to employees, customers and partners.
  • Event Express Call Service – An ideal solution for investor, media and shareholder calls. Both interactive and non-interactive options are available. Interactive lines cater to shareholder calls where participation may be required in Question and Answer sessions. Non-interactive lines are designed for media and investor announcements where little participation is required. You can invite up to 500 participants using the customized invitation, which specifies the access number, date and time of the conference. Other speciality services available include music on hold, conference recording, language line and many more.
  • Auto Event Service – For simpler announcements or meetings, you can save time and money with Allstream Auto Event. Our professional operators can provide assistance throughout the duration of your call.
  • Translation of Transcript Service – Allstream can translate the transcript of the conference call in both official languages (English/French).
  • Conferencing Recording – You can choose to have your conferences recorded on tape or compact disc.

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