Call Forwarding

Call forwarding allows all calls directed to a telephone number to be routed to an alternate number. If the number you are forwarding to is a long distance call, toll charges will apply for the duration of the forwarded call. You can continue to make outgoing calls while Call Forwarding is active, however, because the incoming calls get transferred instantly, you cannot  answer incoming calls before they are forwarded.

Select your type of service

Basic Business line services

Activate from your phone

  • Dial *72 and listen for the second dial tone.
  • Dial the number to which you would like your calls forwarded.
  • Remain on the line and inform the receiving party that calls will be forwarded to their line, then hang up.
  • If the receiving party does not answer or if the line is busy, hang up. Immediately repeat the first two steps above and hang up.

Deactivate from your phone

  • Dial *73 and hang up.

Away from your phone? Use our Remote Access Call Forward dial in feature »

More information on basic voice features can be found in the following document.

SIP Portal Users

If you are a SIP portal customer, you can find detailed instructions on Call Forwarding and other features in the following document.

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