Abuse and Security FAQ

Why did I receive a call about an abuse issue?

Internet traffic such as email, web page requests, port scans, etc., can be traced back to its source by the IP address, or Internet address. Every computer and router on the Internet should have a unique IP address. You have been contacted because some form of Internet traffic has been reported to our abuse team and traced back to your IP address.

How do I report an issue?

Abuse by a user outside of Allstream’s Network

  • Find the offending IP address in the full email header or in your firewall log, and enter it in the WHOIS search bar at www.arin.net. This will give you information on who to send your complaint to. (i.e. the offender’s Internet service provider). For additional information, please visit UXN’s guide to spam tracing.

Abuse by Allstream’s customer

  • If the issue is email related, send the original email and the complete email header to abuse@allstream.com.
  • If the issue is virus or intrusive (i.e. hacking) behavior, please send detailed firewall logs including dates, times, source/destination IP addresses, and source/destination ports to abuse@allstream.com.
  • If the issue does not fit into either category described above, please send detailed information about the alleged abuse to abuse@allstream.com or contact Allstream’s abuse department by calling 800-322-3961.

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