SIP Portal Overview

The following SIP portal functions are in support of both Native SIP and PRI-SIP options. The SIP portal allows you to configure Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, and Call Screening features. As a user, these features are set up for your individual Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number.

Call Barring / Call Blocking

As an administrator, you can block specific outgoing call types that are not explicitly controlled by Allstream. For example, by default, Allstream blocks International dialing, but blocks only premium calls (900/976) when specifically requested by a customer. Using the SIP portal, you may choose to block or allow these types of calls as needed.

Control of blocking or allowing International calls is given to administrators only when a customer has specifically requested International dialing and has signed the appropriate waivers and agreements. Without this agreement, the International block is always active, and the customer is unable to change it.

Call Screening

Call screening allows you to block incoming anonymous calls or calls from a specific number:

  • Anonymous Call Rejection—incoming calls are rejected when the calling party does not provide caller identification information.
  • Selective Call Rejection—allows you to exclude incoming calls that originate from specified callers.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding features are set up for an entire group of DIDs on the PBX or an individual DID with the exception of “Unavailable Call Forwarding”. Call forwarding allows you forward all incoming calls to a single selected number based on a variety of conditions such as:

  • Immediately—all calls are immediately forwarded to a user-defined phone number
  • Busy/No Answer—calls are forwarded to a user-defined phone number when a line is busy or there is no answer
  • Unavailable—calls are forwarded to a user-defined phone number if the connection to the PBX / CPE is lost
  • Selected Callers—calls originating from specific callers are forwarded to a user-defined number

The Forwarding Destinations tab of the portal allows you to create a list of frequently used destination phone numbers.

Caller ID Presentation

Caller ID presentation allows you to block or unblock outbound caller ID information on all calls made from your location.


User guides for using the Allstream Portal and the SIP Portal are available after logging in to the Allstream Portal and selecting User Guides from the Support drop-down list or by contacting Customer Service.

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