Corporate Governance

Allstream is dedicated to providing our customers quality, user-friendly services and our employees a professional work environment. Allstream strives to conduct its business in an ethical manner whereby employees are encouraged to adhere to the Company values of service, respect, integrity, excellence, communication, and profitability.

Allstream’s Board of Directors, executive management and employees are held accountable to all laws and regulations as well as having their behavior guided by the provisions outlined in its Code of Conduct. Maintaining an ethical environment is the responsibility of all those associated with Allstream, and it is their obligation to report any suspected violations that may have occurred.

Allstream has made available a way to anonymously and confidentially report actual or possible violations of the Business Code of Conduct. You may access the site by visiting the EthicsPoint portal or by dialing the toll-free number at 1-866-492-1715.

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