Accessing Short Codes From Your MPLS/PBX Phone

Important Notice About Multi-line Telephone Systems and Short Code Access

Short codes are important means for customers to connect with information and assistance. While all phones must be programmed to reach 9-1-1, some phones may not be programmed to reach other short codes.

Customers using a Multi-line Telephone System (also known as a MLTS or PBX system) should ensure that users can complete calls to other short codes such as 8-1-1 (call before you dig), 2-1-1 (social services) and 7-1-1 (TDD and Relay). Users must first dial 9 for short codes other than 9-1-1.

If you are unable to connect to these or other short codes, contact your phone equipment provider for information about programming your phones for short code access, Allstream customers can call us for assistance at 1-866-468-3472.

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