Using CGI on Allstream’s Web Hosting Servers

As part of our hosting packages, you have the ability to use System or Custom CGI scripts. If you are using System CGI Scripts then you are utilizing scripts that Allstream maintains and stores on the Web server. If you are using Custom CGI Scripts, then you would have uploaded the scripts from another site or created them yourself — these too, are stored on the server and should be uploaded to your space inside of the /public_html/cgi-bin/ directory.

When creating your own CGI scripts, be sure that you use /usr/local/bin/perl for the path to Perl and make sure that the script and your cgi-bin’s directory permissions are set to 755.

Allstream has the following System CGI Scripts for your use:

  • Page Hit Counter
  • Form-to-Mail

Allstream will maintain and provide technical assistance for our own System CGI programs to the extent of path information and script names. Allstream allows you to load any third-party CGI program of your choosing, though the ISP Support Team can only support the integrity of our own System Scripts. Also, please note that the actual integration of any script into a customers Web site is a content issue and can not be supported through the ISP Support Team.


<img src=””>

Simply add the above link to your web document. Replace ‘yourdomain.tld’ with your domain. For example, if this was going on the website, then the tag would look like this:

<img src=””>

Form-To-Mail is the location of the CGI script. This incorporates into the FORM tag as an ACTION. The METHOD type is POST. The only other requirements are three input parameters to satisfy the output of the script.

The INPUT parameters for the form are:

  • “to” — E-mail address to send the e-mail to
  • “from” — E-mail address of the sender
  • “subject” — Subject line of the email
  • “redirect” — Where to send the user after submitting the form (optional)

Here is an example:

<form action="">
<input type=hidden name=to value="">
<input type=hidden name=from value="">
<input type=hidden name=subject value="quick test">
<input type=hidden name=redirect value="">
<input type=text name=custom value="Type info here">
<p><input type=submit></p>

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