Inside Wiring Information

Wiring on the Customer’s side of the Demarcation Point or the MPOE or
otherwise inside the Customer’s building or premises is considered inside wiring (“Inside Wiring”) for which the Customer is responsible. Customer shall be required, at Customer’s sole cost and expense, to install, maintain, and repair Inside Wiring as needed to use the Services.

Section 3.3 of the VPLS Service Schedule/Exhibit to the Master Service Agreement states:

3.3 Customer Equipment. Customer is responsible, at its sole cost and expense, for connecting to the Demarcation Point specified in the Service Order. Equipment and service beyond the Demarcation Point and/or interconnection between Allstream’s facilities and terminal equipment and the wiring at the Demarcation Point shall be the responsibility of Customer (“Customer Equipment”). Customer must procure and maintain, at its sole cost and expense, Customer Equipment which is technically compatible with the Service and the Allstream network. Allstream shall have no obligation to install, maintain or repair any non-Allstream Equipment, including any Customer Equipment. If, on responding to a Customer initiated service call, Allstream reasonably determines that the cause of the service deficiency was a failure, malfunction or the inadequacy of equipment other than Allstream’s Equipment, Customer shall compensate Allstream for actual time and materials expended during the service call.

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