What to Expect During Allstream SIP Direct Routing Activation

Welcome to Allstream! We’re pleased that you chose us as your SIP Direct Routing for your Microsoft (MS) Teams TM deployment. We pride ourselves on our proven customer-centric service delivery process and are committed to providing a smooth activation process for you.

What to expect during Allstream SIP Direct Routing service activation:

  • Getting Started: First, you’ll want to follow the steps that you can find in Microsoft’s documentation on how to get started with Microsoft Teams which includes purchasing applicable licenses from Microsoft, including Teams and the Phone System add-on.
  • Project Manager Assigned: After we receive your SIP Direct Routing order, an Allstream project manager will be assigned to help coordinate the service activation with you.
  • Registration Process: Your project manager will send you an email with information that you’ll need for your MS Teams registration process. Microsoft requires information from your Direct Routing provider which is Allstream. This information enables you to make phone calls by routing your voice traffic between your Microsoft Teams’ environment and Allstream’s voice network.
    • Allstream will provide you with two fully qualified domain names (FQDN) and a SIP signaling port number that you need to enter into your MS Teams tenant under the Direct Routing section.
    • Following the steps outlined in Microsoft’s Configuration Guide starting at the section entitled “Register a subdomain name in a customer tenant”

Please note additional resources helpful to configuration may be found on the left side of the Microsoft Configuration Guide

  • After you enter your FQDN and SIP signaling port number, you will receive two DNS TXT records from Microsoft in the format of MS=msXXXXXXX.

You need to provide these codes to your Allstream project manager via email.

  • Once Allstream receives the TXT records, we will register the DNS entry in our network.
    • Allstream will provide you with an email after Allstream has completed the DNS entry in our network.
  • Porting Numbers: When you are ready to port your telephone numbers, reach out to your Allstream project manager and we’ll schedule a time to port your numbers.

If you have questions during your service activation, please contact your Allstream project manager.

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