Minnesota Customer Rights Notification


We strive to provide the best possible service. If you have a question or complaint about your services or bill, you have the right to contact and file a complaint with Customer Care.

Write to Allstream Legal Department, 2800 Campus Dr., Suite 140, Plymouth, MN 55441, or call  1-866-468-3472.

If you are unhappy with the resolution of your concerns, you have the right to contact the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission at 121 7th Place E, Suite 350, Saint Paul, MN 55101-2147, call Consumer Assistance/Information at (651) 296-0406 or toll free at (800) 657-3782;
or email consumer.puc@state.mn.us.


The customer’s first invoice will be prorated from the date services commenced. Monthly recurring charges will be billed one month in advance and usage charges will be billed in arrears. The customer is responsible for payment of all charges. Payments are due within 20 days of the date of the invoice. Customers must notify the Company in writing of any billing disputes within 90 days. We may assess a late fee of 1.5% per month on undisputed balances not paid when due or disputed amounts later found to be correct. We may suspend services for nonpayment after notice provided in accordance with Minnesota law.


Customers are responsible for payment of any charges incurring from fraud, abuse, or misuse of the services provided to the customer. However, we offer various blocking features available at the customer’s discretion to aid the prevention of such problems.


The Company may conduct a credit check and reserves the right to request a deposit from customers. After establishment of acceptable credit history or upon termination of services, we will refund the deposit including interest as required by law.


The Company will use reasonable efforts to install services on the date agreed upon with the customer. Allstream service quality will meet industry and regulatory standards, as well as provide credit for service interruptions in accordance with Minnesota rules and Company tariffs.


The Company will protect customers’ confidential information and customer proprietary network information will only be disclosed in accordance with federal and state law.

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