Idaho Telephone Solicitation Act


You have important rights under the Idaho Telephone Solicitation Act. Under this Act it is illegal for persons attempting to sell you goods or services by telephone (telephone solicitors):

  • To intimidate or harass you in connection with the attempted sale.
  • To refuse to hang up and free your telephone line immediately once you request them to do so.
  • To misstate the price, quality, or availability of goods or services, or to fail to reveal all material terms relating to the sale of goods or services.
  • To advertise, represent or imply that they have the endorsement of any government office or agency when they do not.
  • To advertise, represent or imply that they have a valid registration number with the Attorney General when they do not.
  • To use any unfair method of competition or unfair or deceptive practice.

Any person not yet eighteen (18) years old who purchases goods or services pursuant to a telephone solicitation may cancel the purchase within a reasonable time after the purchase is made. No parent or legal guardian having custody of a person not yet eighteen (18) years old is liable for the
purchase of goods or services by a person not yet eighteen (18) years old pursuant to telephone solicitation.

When you agree to purchase goods or services over the telephone, you may have a right to reconsider and cancel your agreement for three (3) business days after receiving a written confirmation of the sale.

A person whose rights are violated by telephone solicitors may have the right to declare a contract of purchase null and void or invoke other remedies under the Idaho Consumer Protection Act.

If you believe that a telephone solicitor has done any unlawful acts, you may contact the Attorney General’s Office for assistance and information at (208) 334-2400 (Boise area) or

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