Allstream Reporting Announcement


The Allstream team is excited to announce that you are now able to access, generate, and download reports directly from the Allstream Portal! Allstream Portal reports are intended to provide you with the same level of reporting detail and functionality at no extra cost.

What’s New?

Access to TeleManager will no longer be available after May 1st, 2021. For details on what you need to know before it is decommissioned, please see the How You Can Prepare section below.  

You can check out updates to the Training and Support section below where you can find out more about the new Allstream Reporting Support Team. You’ll also find links to the demo videos and user guides that we have prepared in order to help smooth your transition, to make it as easy for you to work with the new reports and to get the most out of them, as quickly as possible. 

A reminder to download any historical data and / or custom reports you may need. 

Why the change?

We want you to have a portal where you can gain actionable insights. The Allstream Portal Reports page is where you can go to find your billing details and supporting reports all in the same location.

This update will allow you to:

  • Access, manage, and download invoices and reporting data all in one place
  • Choose from a library of pre-defined long-distance, usage, and billing reports
  • Generate reports based on all available fixed charges and usage data within a single billing month for up to 12 months
  • Create and manage custom reports based on all fixed charges and usage data
  • Schedule reports to be generated and delivered to one or more users on a weekly or monthly basis

Here’s what you need to know:

1. How You Can Prepare

2. Training and Support

3. Access

4. Reports

5. Features & Functionality


How You Can Prepare

We know that you rely on your current reports to better understand your billing statements. You will find the new Allstream Portal Reports to be easy, intuitive and offer more than you had before. We know you’ll need time to get used to it.

Keep in mind, Allstream Portal reports will only present 12 months of data. For those customers that have access to and have a need for reports going back further than 12 months, you will need to download the reports from TeleManager.

You may also want to download the most current versions of any custom reports you are generating using TeleManager. This will allow us to help you recreate them for use in the Allstream Portal.

After May 1st, 2021, TeleManager will no longer be available. Please take advantage of this time to download any historical data and custom reports, while it’s still available on or before April 31st, 2021.

To make it easier for you to transition to Allstream Portal Reports, TeleManager will remain available to you for a limited time so you can pull your historical reports or download current customer reports. Please take advantage of this prior to the end of the year as we won’t be able to provide this to you later.


Training and Support

Access to your reports using the Allstream Portal is now available.  

It is our goal to make sure you are supported and prepared to use it. We have prepared all the materials you need to become familiar with your new reports, build out custom reports and more. 

We have also brought together a group of report experts in our new Reporting Support Team. They are available, along with your Account Consultant or a Customer Care agent, to  answer any questions you may have about the new reports in the Allstream Portal. 


Demonstration Videos

Our demonstration videos offer an informative and visual approach to learning the ins and outs of the new user-driven fixed charges, usage, custom, and scheduled reports that are made available to all US and Canadian customers.  

Allstream Portal Reporting Overview – Get a high-level view into the new reporting features of the Allstream Portal, how they are replacing reports in TeleManager and TeleManager Analytics, and where to get help and more information 

Accessing Reports – See how easy it is to access the new reports in the Allstream Portal 

Standard Reports – Learn how to access, generate, and export data from a library of pre-defined Long Distance, Usage, and Billing reports 

Viewing and Exporting Fixed Charges and Usage Reports – Find out how to view, sort, and export data related to all fixed charges and usage 

Custom Reports – Master the ins and outs of creating, managing, viewing, and exporting custom report data that can include custom data descriptions  

Configuring Scheduled Reports – Discover how to schedule custom reports and enable automated report generation and delivery


User Guides

Our library of user guides provides in-depth information and step-by-step instructions for all account management, billing and payment, service management, and reporting features available in the Allstream Portal. These guides are available after signing in to your account at and selecting User Guides from the SUPPORT menu. 

Access the user guides here: User Guides (Sign in required)


Allstream Reporting Support Team

To support your transition from TeleManager to the Allstream Portal reports, Allstream has brought together a reporting support team. This team is available to assist you as you re-create any reports required to analyze your invoices. Our new reporting solution was designed to be both intuitive and easy to use, but we’re going that extra step to ensure a worry-free migration.  

To contact the reporting support team, send us an email at In the email, please provide the following: 

  • Account name 
  • Account number  
  • Report type – Fixed Charges (recurring) or Usage 
  • Report column/field layout 
  • Report name 
  • Name of user who will access the report (we will create and save the report under this user’s profile) 

We are committed to accountability. This is core to our values of responsiveness, easy to do business with and customer centricity, which we hope will lead to your continued trust in us.   

And of course, if you have any questions about these new and improved reports, please contact your Account Consultant or a Customer Care agent.    



You probably have many questions such as:

  • How will I access the new reports?
  • How often can I access my reports?
  • What do I need to set up?
  • And more

One of the main goals in the changes is to ensure you have a centralized place to access your payment options, invoice summaries and reporting options. All in all, an easy to use interface. And the best news: it is all available to you at no extra cost. Everything is built into Allstream’s online account management platform, which you already use!

To access the new reports, sign in to with the same username and password you use today! Your customer and account numbers are not impacted by this, they stay the same. Data is available within a few days of your invoice date. You may access the reports as often as you wish in order to manage your monthly billing.

If you don’t already have an account, on the Sign In page of the Allstream Portal, click create a new account to set up your account. For detailed information about all the features available in the Allstream Portal, a library of user guides is available by selecting User Guides from the SUPPORT menu.


Reports and Billing Information

Our new selection of portal reports is designed to meet all your reporting needs. You’ll still be able to access all the same billing information as before through an extensive library of reports organized across usage services and fixed charge services. Our report library also provides reports such as:


  • Long Distance (Long Distance Summary Report) 
  • Toll Free (Toll Free Summary Report) 
  • Long Distance by originating number (Origin Number Summary Report) 
  • Billing Account (Billed Amount Report) 


  • Toll Free (Toll Free Detail Report) 
  • Account Code (Account Code Detail Report) 
  • Fixed Charges Report 
  • Usage Report 


  • Top LD calls by originating number (Top Calls by Called Numbers Report) 
  • Top TF calls by terminating number (Top Calls by Called Number Report) 
  • Top LD and TF calls by charge amount (Top calls by Charged Amount Report) 
  • Top LD and TF calls by call length (Top Calls by Duration Report) 

User Driven 

  • Scheduled Reports 
  • Create/Edit Custom Reports 
  • Customized Reports 
Usage Report


Features & Functionality

The same level of detail and functionality are still available to you with our simplified reporting capabilities. You’ll still be able to schedule report distribution, download reports, order larger reports, customize labels of fields as well as create your own custom reports. If you are generating custom reports using TeleManager, we recommend downloading the most current versions so that we can help you recreate them for use in the Allstream Portal.

My Custom Report

Historical reports in the Allstream Portal date back only 12 months. For those customers with access who need reports going back further than 12 months, you will need to download those reports from TeleManager.

With Allstream’s variety of pre-defined reports and the new Fixed Charges, Usage, and Custom reports, there is a lot you can do. You now have a single centralized location to go to for your invoice summary and details, and a library of user guides to help you along the way. The look and feel is improved, the navigation is easier, and so is your ability to create your own reports. All this with a single sign-on at no extra cost.

And finally, don’t worry about checking back proactively to find out more information. We’ll keep you posted with details about the launch date and availability of the new videos.