T1 Line Rate Increase July 12, 2022 

Effective July 12, 2022, your T1-based services may reflect a new or increased charge. This charge is a direct pass-through of a third-party cost increase Allstream has incurred due to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) deregulation of certain T1s and T3s. 

You can find out your impacted services by using the Third Party Pass Through Look-Up Tool below, and using the Search field to enter your Master Account Number located at the top of your Allstream invoice:

Third Party Pass Through Look-Up Tool 

Frequently Asked Questions  

How will the charges be applied?  

You will see a new charge called “Third Party Pass Through Charge” (or an increased amount if this charge already appears) on your bill.  

Will taxes and surcharges apply to this new charge?  

Yes, taxes and surcharges will apply.  

Why is this additional charge required?  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has deregulated certain wholesale T1 and T3 lines. Allstream’s underlying provider has chosen to increase its rates. As a result, Allstream’s cost to provide these services has increased. This charge is a pass-through of Allstream’s increased costs.  

How do I know which of my lines are impacted?  

Please access the Third Party Pass Through Look-Up Tool above and insert your Master Account Number

Refer to the illustration below of how to find your Master Account Number on your Allstream Invoice:

Can I avoid the increase?  

We are happy to discuss options for comparable next-generation services that would meet your needs. Allstream can help you understand your options to make the transition to next-gen technologies for an improved experience and enhanced capabilities, at competitive rates. 

Please contact Customer Service or your Account Consultant, if applicable, to discuss these and other options.  

Who can I contact with questions? 

Please contact Customer Service or your Account Consultant, if applicable, with questions.