Allstream Portal Overview

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Portal Introduction

The Allstream Portal provides powerful, secure online account management that allows you to:

  • View detailed account information
  • Pay your monthly invoice or use Autopay
  • Open trouble tickets and view an outage map
  • Receive immediate status on trouble resolution
  • Receive billing notifications
  • View reports on your long distance calling, usage, and billing
  • Download up-to-date user guides and quick start materials to help you make the most out of your portal experience

To access a full library of Allstream Portal user documentation, log in to your account at and select User Guides from the SUPPORT menu.

New Features


  • Additional Reports – Generate and download reports based on Fixed Charges and Usage data, create custom reports and schedule custom reports for automated generation and delivery

April 2021

  • Trouble Ticket Escalation – Reprioritize a ticket through a new escalation feature
  • Default Accounts – Set a default account for immediate access from the Billing Center, Services, Trouble Tickets, and selected Reports pages

July 2020

  • Account Selection – Your selected account remains selected from page to page.
  • Create a Trouble Ticket Feature – Several fields have been added to the Create a Ticket page to provide additional details to new tickets related to the reported service, preferred contact method, customer internal ticket numbers, and notice of possible additional charges.
  • Trouble Tickets List – A My Tickets filter is now available that allows you to view only the trouble tickets which you have created.
  • Pay My Bill Feature – A Pay My Bill link is now available at the top of the Invoice History page where you can quickly access your payment accounts and pay your bill.

June 2020

  • Customer Care Cases – Non-technical service related issues such as billing, order inquiries, moving services, account questions, or general information submitted to our Customer Service teams are now available from the My Dashboard page.

April 2020

  • Search Account Feature – You can now quickly filter through your child accounts using a Search here… field at the top of your account list.
  • Trouble Tickets Service Not Listed Feature – Trouble tickets can now be created for unlisted services clicking the SERVICE NOT LISTED button at the bottom of the Create a Ticket dialog box.
  • Support Case Listing – To view a list of non-service related support cases, select Contact Us from the SUPPORT menu. Cases are listed at the bottom of the Contact Us page, where you can select a case and view details and comments, and add notes.