Mitel System Daylight Savings Time Configuration

Mitel SX100, 200 – Analog

Clock – or use *5

  1. Dial # *, answer lamp lights, destination lamp lights
  2. Dial hours
  3. Dial minutes (must be 2 digits)
  4. Dial # if the time is PM (not required if clock is set to military 24 hour standard)
  5. When Destinations shows, enter hours, minutes (and “P” if PM and 12 hour clock)
  6. ATT Lamp lit, press RELEASE button, answer and destination lamps will go out and time is displayed


  1. Dial # * 15, answer lamp lights, destination lamp lights
  2. Dial 2 digit month, 2 digit day, 2 digit year
  3. Destination display shows; months/days, ATT lamp lit
  4. Press RELEASE button, destination display clears
Mitel SX200 Digital
  1. Press FUNCTION
  3. Press SET TIME
  4. Enter time in 4 digits (12 or 24 hour format) when 2 digits have been entered the : will show
  5. Press PM to register the time as 12:00 PM if in 12 hour format
  6. Press SET to enter time as shown
  7. Press EXIT

Note: PM will appear only if the 12 clock is programmed in the system and the hour entered is 01-12 SET will appear only if the time has been entered correctly. The < key can be used to back up and correct an incorrect digit.

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