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Enabling your Router for Wireless Networking

Modem hardware supplied by our hardware supplier after April 1, 2016 will no longer support this WiFi option.

Follow these instructions to enable wireless service on the Integra router. You must use a wired connection between your PC and the router to access the administrative functions.

  1. Open a browser window and in the location bar enter the following IP Address:
  2. The router will prompt you for a User Name and Password:
    • Refer to your installation documentation or contact Integra’s ISP support team at 866-871-1114
  3. Along the left-side navigation, click “Wireless” to display the wireless options
    • Click the “Enable Wireless” check box
    • Change the SSID if you like
    • Click the “Save/Apply” button
Securing your wireless network
  1. Along the left-side navigation, click “Security” under the “Wireless” section
    • Click the drop-down for “WEP Encryption” and choose “Enabled”
    • In the “Network Key 1” field, for a more secure password, use the default key or for a more conveniently remembered password, enter 5 characters of your choice
    • Click the “Save/Apply” button
  2. On your PC, identify the wireless network and enter your Network Key.
  1. For assistance with your wireless connection, please contact your network administrator. Integra does not provide support for wireless networking.
  2. Wireless service is available only for new installations of Integra’s Broadband Internet service. If you have an existing service and wish to upgrade, please contact your customer service representative.

Integra’s ISP Support is available 24/7 at http://www.integratelecom.com/contact

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